Multi-meter Component Measurement Jig

Hello guys and welcome back. In today’s post I would like to show you one of my newest designs, which is a jig for measuring the component values with multi-meters.

I built this jig in order to simplify the way in which one can measure the value of unknown resistors (or at least resistors which we don’t want to bother with reading the color codes of ).  The part was designed in such a way that it will take in the two probes and hold them in place, while a component it placed in the contacts of the probe for it’s values to be read.

This part was designed on Onshape and it didn’t take much time to design, around 20 minutes, but it can save so much more time when measuring components. The design consists of a wide base, which allows the jig to not fall to the side because of the weight of the probes. The body then splits into four smaller columns, 2 for each of the probes, leaving a channel in the middle where the components can be inserted and the their values measured. There are also two holes which are used for inserting the probes to the part. If printed with a good filament, with a properly calibrated 3D Printer, it should not require any support material. In my case, I was able to print it without using support material, the probes fit in perfectly, with a tight and firm fit.

If you would like to print this part, you can find it free of charge here:

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